If you have photos that you want in a slideshow set to music, we are happy to help you create the perfect gift! All of our slideshows include opening/closing graphics, panning/zooming on photos, basic color correction/photo retouching, your choice of music, and custom disc labels and disc cases using a photo of your choice. Even video clips and projector slides can be incorporated into your show! 



  • $3.00 per photo used in the slideshow, including all features listed above.

  • NOTE:  Minimum project fee of $50.00.


Digital video clips can also be included in your slideshow upon request. It is best to submit video clips as an MPEG, QuickTime, or AVI file. Transfer rates and/or editing rates may apply if we need to transfer video clips from tapes or other devices, or if we need to edit clips in order for them to be used in the slideshow.

Check out our samples in our gallery and contact us today to create your next slideshow!


What our clients are saying...

"Just wanted you to know that I received a call at 1:00 am after my husband's family viewed the video together after dinner in California.  They all loved it!  My father-in-law was very emotional and all of my sisters-in-law got on the phone and thanked us profusely.  I want you to know that you made a large, diverse family very happy and proud of their special birthday present for their father...and that is no easy task!  Nice Job!  Thanks so much!"  - Jayne, Berlin, MA

"The DVD was super…both memory-provoking as well as emotional.  To see those pictures of friends and family from the past did make our lives pass in fast forward.  We realize the time and effort you spent on the project and want you to know how much we appreciate it.  Thanks for a GREAT Christmas gift!"  - Veto, Dennis, MA

"Everyone at the wedding loved the pictures and the music!  Kim is still talking about the DVD and Rick’s Mom watches it every morning!  Thank you so much for all the wonderful moments and thank you for touching our hearts!"  - Lori, Attleboro, MA

Visit our Slideshow Gallery to view additional samples of our work.