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One of our Top 5 Favorite Dances from our 2017 Dance Recital Videos: "The Witches" by DWMD

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

This is the first in a series of 5 of MPD Video Productions' favorite dance videos that we filmed in 2017. This post is inspired by Halloween, which is just a few weeks away!

"The Witches", A Teen Apogee Winning Dance was performed at the Amato Center in Milford, NH. "The Witches" was performed by six students of DanceWorks Movement Design, and was choreographed by Tanya Bosse, Owner and Artistic Director of DanceWorks Movement Design. This was a really cool, colorful and entertaining dance performance. We posted this dance as the first of five we will post, as it is a little creepy and it has an eerie Halloween feel to it. The dancers were wearing black Amish-looking outfits and were performing the dance to "Black Masses" by Black Sabbath. The dancers looked beautiful, and a little "deranged", which was a perfect look for the dance. We loved everything about the dance, but our favorite part was the close of the dance, where five of the dancers appeared to be burning the sixth dancer at the stake, as if she were a witch! What a great job!

Many thanks to Tanya Bosse, Artistic Director at DanceWorks Movement Design, the Amato Center, and Jason Greenleaf of Greenleaf Photography for being wonderful to work with! MPD Video Productions had so much fun filming the 2017 DanceWorks Movement Design spring performances, and we look forward to being the official event videographer for the first Nutcracker performed by DanceWorks Movement Design this November. If you are looking to take in a great holiday show you can purchase tickets for DanceWorks Movement Design's Nutcracker through Tututix. Call us at 508-266-0054 or or email us at info@mpdvideo.com if you need a professional event videographer! Contact MPD Video Productions today for all your dance videography needs!