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Time To Transfer Your Old Videotapes or Films?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Fall is here and the holidays are fast approaching! If you're looking for a unique and special gift for your loved ones, look no further -- MPD Video Productions is here to help. Transfer your videotapes to DVD before those memories are gone forever!

There is truly nothing like watching your grandparents' wedding footage, your childhood birthday parties, or holiday gatherings from years gone by. MPD Video will take your old VHS, BETA, 8mm, Mini DV tapes, or reel-to-reel films, and convert them to DVD (or other updated media formats), so you and your loved ones can once again watch and enjoy your precious family memories!

Not only do we transfer your footage, but we also:

1. Create a custom scene-selection menu (just like the Hollywood DVDs you rent or own!), so you can easily navigate to various scenes and events in your footage.

2. Review the footage to ensure proper transfer, and eliminate unusable, unviewable, or "blank" sections of footage, so the final video is as enjoyable and seamless to watch as possible.

3. Reorder your footage in a sensible or chronological order for easy viewing and storage.

4. Package your videos in beautiful custom DVD cases with custom disc labels, so the final product makes a memorable gift and keepsake.

There are of course other tape transfer companies out there -- big box transfer houses that may transfer your precious memories "for less". But is it really worth the risk? We've worked with clients who have tried the "cheap" transfer services, and we've often had to perform the entire transfer process all over again for them. Some have even had their precious footage or tapes lost by the retailer! Don't do it -- please do your research and go with a reputable company who will keep your memories safe, and who will handle your media locally.

Look below to see some video samples from tapes and films we've transferred in the past. As a side note, when we transfer silent films such as the footage shown in one of the samples below, we can even add in music or sound effects to match the moment, emotion, or time period if you wish! Enjoy watching the film and tape transfer videos below, and just imagine if these were your own family memories -- what a precious gift!

Please visit us on our MPD Video Productions website, check out our tape & film transfer page, and contact us at anytime with questions. We hope you allow us the opportunity to bring your memories "back to life"! Call us today @ 508-266-0054 or email us at info@mpdvideo.com.



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