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MPD Video Productions of Whitinsville, MA is an award-winning video production company providing professional wedding videography, dance videography, corporate event videography, and a variety of additional video services for businesses and individuals throughout New England. 

Whether it's a promotional video for your company or website, a wedding film, a dance recital or theater performance video, tape transfer services, or a photo slideshow, MPD Video Productions is here to help!

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Take a look around our website, check out our blog, and discover why MPD Video Productions should be your first and only choice in professional videography services!  If you're looking for an event videographer in New England, we want to hear from you!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss your next project.

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About Us

Hi! I'm Michele Fleury, owner of MPD Video Productions! Thanks for visiting!

I was brought up in a small, rural town in Massachusetts. I grew up wanting to leave "small town America" and experience the big city and the world. So after working hard to get good grades in high school, I was thrilled to be accepted to Boston College, where I graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in both Marketing and Economics.


After college, I did what most people did at the time -- I immediately found a corporate job! I worked for many years in the corporate world in sales, account management, and marketing positions, but began to develop a strong desire to leave the “corporate grind” and had always wanted to start my own business. Although the corporate pay was great, I had an entrepreneurial mindset. However, I was afraid to leave the security of the steady paycheck.

So one Christmas, it happened sort of by chance. My husband Alan and I literally started our own business with a DIY Christmas gift. My husband was always very nostalgic, and he had put together a video with family photos set to music for our families as a holiday gift. Now keep in mind that this was well before everyone had smartphones and cameras on their phones. When we put the video on TV, the tears started flowing as family members saw their lives on video flashing before them.

A lightbulb went off in my head -- I bet other people would love to have this for their families too! One thing led to another and we started offering custom photo slideshow services for others. My husband had the technical skills (he was a mechanical and manufacturing engineer in his corporate life), and I had the sales and marketing skills -- this could be the start of our own business, I thought!

And before we knew it, we had graduated to buying our first video camera, learning and mastering filming techniques, and filming school plays and local theater performances. Soon, we were transferring videotapes to DVD for clients, filming weddings and dance recitals, and producing corporate videos and commercials for businesses. Our business was born and we're now over 10 years strong as an award-winning video company. 

My husband Alan also now works with me in the business full-time (he wanted out of the corporate world too, so in 2009, we made the full-time leap). We literally downsized our house to cut expenses, used our savings to invest in equipment, and never looked back! 

Our lives are much simpler now; we work hard, but we're healthier, less stressed, and in more control of our lives. We're not millionaires, but we are making a difference -- we're preserving memories and capturing precious moments for families, creating visual stories of some of the most important moments in people's lives, and we've gained some amazing friends and clients along the way. 


There are challenges of course, as with any business, but we're happy to be running our own small company as an ethical business, treating other people with honesty and integrity. And, we LOVE what we do!

We can't wait to tell your story and we look forward to hearing from you!