Here at MPD Video, we use the most professional and high-quality methods to transfer your home movie footage, and we do so much more than just transfer it -- we turn your it into a true family keepsake! Unlike many other transfer services, we review all video footage to ensure proper transfer, provide smooth transitions between scenes, and add in a menu for easy scene selection! We even do basic color correction of your footage as needed to make it look as good as possible on screen, and we insert opening and closing graphics to make your DVD like a "real" movie. You even receive a commemorative storage case using a photo of your choice or we can design custom artwork for the label or case!  


VHS Tape

8mm Tape

Beta Tape

Mini DV

8mm Film


  • FULL TRANSFER TO DVD - $35 per hour of videotape transferred to DVD, including review of footage, arranging your footage in a logical order, basic color correction, a scene-selection menu and all other features stated above.

  • RAW TRANSFER TO HARD DRIVE OR DVD - does not include arranging your footage in a logical order, color correction, a scene-selection menu, or opening/closing graphics. Pricing is less than full transfer pricing; final hourly rate depends on final delivery format. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • ​If you have films to transfer, please contact MPD Video (pricing varies depending on type of film and amount of footage). 

  • NOTE:  Minimum project fee of $50.00.


Edited video lengths may result in less than the original video footage length due to removal of unusable footage. Editing fees may be applied in addition to transfer fees depending on the condition of your footage. We can provide you with an estimate of fees once we receive and review your footage, so you'll be aware of your fees before proceeding with the project. 

Check out our samples in our gallery and contact us today to preserve your home movies!

What our clients are saying...

"My husband and the rest of our family LOVED the videos! The boys and I gave my husband his DVD and the family videos on the morning of his birthday! I’m glad we didn’t wait until the party because he and I were two cry babies! The evening of his 40th we waited until after dinner to cram 30 family members into the family room. You could hear a pin drop -- everyone loved it and the tissues were being passed around.  You both did such a wonderful job on all the videos! Thanks also for the wonderful transfer of our wedding videos and the editing you did to give us a wedding montage! After 12 years of marriage, we finally have a wedding video! And…I’m glad we waited! They are just perfect! You are in the right business!  Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  -  Kelly, Southborough, MA

"Thank you so much for the best Christmas morning!  The videos are beautiful…you did an awesome job!  I will never forget it!  It brought up even more memories…you’re the BEST!"  -  Kathy, Bellingham, MA

Visit our Film & Tape Transfer Gallery to view additional samples of our work.